'Scuderia' is Italian for Team
Literally translated, 'Scuderia' means 'stable for horses'.

Scuderia Ferrari is perhaps the most famous sporting team in history, and fittingly, each car is graced by the iconic Cavallino Rampante, or 'Prancing Horse'. But the underlining meaning of the word 'Scuderia' is that of a team. And a team is at its best when each member functions in their specialized role to generate a sum which is greater than its parts.

Our Scuderia subscribes to the singular focus of providing the Pacific Northwest with the greatest cars in the world. And just as Ron Tonkin did back in 1966 and all throughout his life, we share his affinity for these beautiful machines, as well as for each other. It is why we do this. It is why we continue to do this. And it is why we have done this longer than anyone else.

Love is why we are America's Oldest Ferrari Dealership.