We Built Our Dream
The rain pattered almost inaudibly on the metal roof of a portable office trailer, a common sight at any commercial construction project. However, this one was special. Inside, a core group from our sales and support team sipped coffee while overlooking tables strewn with over-sized construction diagrams. This moment was a culmination of over three years of tedious planning, unforeseen complications, and prolonged anticipation.

In actuality, this moment had been building for a great deal longer than that. Since 1966, Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo has been supplying the Pacific Northwest with the greatest cars in the world. With nearly five decades of history behind us, we were looking at our future.

On that typical, rainy, Oregon day, that future was simply a collection of steel, wood, aluminum, glass, and concrete. But upon its completion, it would not only be a state-of-the-art car dealership, it would become our new home. It is a place to build your dreams, realize the rewards of hard work, and to experience the unique culture that only Ferrari and Maserati ownership can offer.

We built our dream. Come build yours.