President General Manager Executive Assistant Ferrari Sales Manager
Ron Tonkin Art Smith Sue Ail Greg Theis
In 1960, at the age of 27, he became the youngest person to start a Chevy dealership. Six years later Ron Tonkin founded what has become America's longest running Ferrari dealership. He has a love for all cars, but there is a special place for Ferrari. His personal collection includes over 20. Art Smith has been in the luxury car industry for over 25 years, with Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo comprising his efforts since 2004. A client before becoming General Manager, he has owned several Ferraris and his garage currently houses a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta and a Lotus Elise, two marquees he has deep passion for. As an experienced traveler one of his favorite destinations is, of course, Italy. Sue Ail has been with Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo since the summer of 1984 and is the most veteran member of our team, with the exception of Mr. Tonkin himself. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, friends and family, her two pets Maddie and Kix, as well as tending to the flower garden in her courtyard. If there is a true Tifosi among us, Greg Theis is it. His office is filled with memorabilia in homage to Scuderia Ferrari, collected since 1992, when he first started at RTGT. He owns a plethora of Italian cars including a Lancia Zagato, Fiat Spider, Alfa Romeo 164 S, as well as a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. Time away from work is spent driving, golfing, and with his friends and family.

Maserati Sales Manager Pre-Owned Sales Manager Sales/Finance Specialist Marketing Specialist
Steve Wintermantel Larry Zemliak Lance Sholes Nolan Milojevich
Even as an avid Italian enthusiast, his latest obsession is with the more exotic self powered varieties of transport. Steve Wintermantel has been with RTGT since 2002 after graduating from PSU. His current car is a Subaru Outback which is perfect for carrying kayaks and his carbon-fiber race bicycle to the choicest spots around Oregon. When not in motion, he enjoys spending time at home. Larry Zemliak has literally owned hundreds of different vehicles, while he currently drives a Fiat 500, his second, and this will certainly not be the last vehicle in his garage. When not adding special interest cars to our inventory, he enjoys visiting the Oregon coast and mountains, and finds our National Parks to be the finest places on Earth to vacation. Lance Sholes' history in the automotive industry stretches back 29 years, 14 of which were at the helm of his own pre-owned dealership specializing in unique European vehicles. When he's out of the office, he gets outdoors. Hiking, biking, fishing, diving, as well as coaching lacrosse, basketball, and football keeps him busy in addition to keeping up with his two energetic children. Nolan Milojevich started at RTGT in 2007 after graduating from PSU with honors. He's currently restoring his 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S in the garage of his recently purchased first home, which is also a 'fixer'. His daily driver is a MINI Cooper S which sees occasional track time.